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  Before I can begin talking about the crystals for protection against psychic attacks I feel I need to go into some details about what a psychic attack is, what causes it, and how to recognize the symptoms. I have decided to dedicate this blog to this subject because of my own personal experience. Two times in my life I have experienced very intense and scary attacks against myself. The first time I had no idea what was happening to me and I started researching the symptoms and that is when I first became aware of psychic attacks. The second time was last night however it was a far less fearful experience understanding it and I was able to combat it from the knowledge I gathered a few years ago, but I did wake up feeling inspired to write about this subject. The first thing to understand is ~WHAT IS A PSYCHIC ATTACK~  It is nothing more than an attack on your energy field by dark energy. It can be caused by another person knowingly or unknowingly. My first attack was caused by someone having such intense bitterness towards me and focusing  negative thoughts on me that they unknowingly effected my energy with the manifestation of their own dark thoughts.  It can be caused by your own negative life style and thoughts.  Gossip, anger, thoughts of violence towards others, jealousy, or any negative thought or emotion you are living in for a prolonged amount of time can draw dark energy to yourself. It’s important to understand however that we all have negative emotions that are healthy and negative such as anger or sadness but those emotions should be felt processed and released freeing your body and soul from the negative impact. It’s when one holds on to these feelings and does not properly deal with them that they can become problematic. Drug use, alcohol abuse, and promiscuity can also be the cause if an attack. Drugs and alcohol are energy draining and leave one more vulnerable to attack. This doesn’t mean that socially drinking is bad but living in a state of chaos because of substance abuse is a far different thing. It is also important to understand that when one is sexual with another person you are not only sharing your body but you take in the energy of that person. Sometimes an attack can be onset from simply spending time around someone who is living with a dark energy, especially if you are more sensitive to the energy of others.  ~SYMPTOMS OF A PSYCHIC ATTACK~ Unexplained fatigue, nightmares, feeling another presence when you are alone, panic attacks, anxiety, hearing voices, memory loss,  sleep paralysis, depression,  headaches, and overwhelming and unexplained  feelings of fear.  Visions of frighting creatures, monsters, or violence are also symptoms of an attack.  Though these symptoms are very frighting and feel unmanageable at the time it is important to understand that feeling fearful will feed the energy and you have the control in the situation if you take it. I am primarily going to focus on crystals to help protect you but first I am going to touch on other things that can be done to combat at attack. Sage is a great way of cleansing your energy and your environment. Daily sage smudging of yourself and weekly smudging of your environment is sufficient.  Sunlight is very cleansing, so letting the sunshine in the windows of your home will keep dark energy at bay. Mediation, and connecting with loving energy and thoughts. In extreme cases finding a good energy healer may be needed.  ~CRYSTALS THAT PROTECT AGAINST PSYCHIC ATTACK~ Amethyst can be carried and I also suggest placing several pieces around your home. Because the symptoms of attack are most disturbing during sleep I also suggest sleeping with amethyst. Black Tourmaline can be carried to absorb negative energy from people and things around you.  It will need to be cleansed daily to  and recharged weekly. Clear quartz is useful and is what I personally used along with meditation during the attack. I imagined the bright white clear light of the quartz surrounding myself and putting up a barrier of white protecting light around me. After waking up and holding bringing my quartz to bed  I spent about five minutes on this meditation and all symptoms of the attack disappeared and I was finally able to rest peacefully.


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  1. Hello how are you? I desperately need help my recent ex boyfriends exgirlfriend does evil magic and posses as a Christian in everyone’s eyes . I did enough research to make sure it was her doing magic on me. Me and my ex used to be a loving couple , happy until he started hanging with her again he changed, rude to his parents , his friends , including me. Horrible paranormal activities took place everywhere I went my life turned upside down then he turned against me. As for him he is not the same person.
    How can I stop her from reading me, and to protect my self from this rached evil doer ?

  2. hi Mel I am not a writer on here but I have experience with the ghostly plain and spirits in different situations with attacks. I always find that the best way is to send a blessing of love and light. It is like in the bible where jesus used a blessing on the swine to get the demons out. It is the same basic premise. Also as a personal suggestion I would let your husband know what’s going on. And also send him love and light too. Crystals are also enhancers so if you own one ask it to help enhance your blessings. With the full moon upon us, My suggestion is to wash your crystal and use the power of the moon because it is a very strong manifesting energy that brings aid to our desires. For basic protection to wear crosses help as well and so does wearing a crystal.

    Sometimes talking to the spirits help to get the the root of the problem but I am always iffy with this suggestion because you never know how friendly they well react.

    I should mention that this is all just my experience in which I have found to be helpful. I hope this helps you. Love and light.

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